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Medical X Ray Machine Working Principle
◇Added : 2012-05-16 10:12:01  ◇hits : 2024

X-ray machine is a common medical equipment in hospitals. It plays an irreplaceable role. What does X-ray machine works?

Perlong Medical produce X-ray equipment, and its composition by X-ray tube and X-ray machine power and control circuits, etc., X-ray tube cathode filaments (Cathod,) and anode (Anode) and vacuum glass tubes, X-ray machine power can be divided into two parts of the high voltage power supply and filament supply, filament supply for the filament heating, high-pressure high-voltage power output of home in both ends of the cathode filament and the anode, providing a high voltage electric field to The active electronics on the filament to accelerate the flow of the anode to form a high-speed flow of electrons bombarding the anode target surface, 99% converted to heat, to produce X-ray 1% due to the Compton effect.

With the development of science and technology, working frequency X-ray machine has many unavoidable weaknesses: 1, size and weight of a large; output waveform ripple factor, X-ray dose of instability become more soft rays; exposure parametersthe accuracy and poor reproducibility. In order to solve these problems, the DC inverter technology is the introduction of X-ray machine, by the power frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) to medium, high-frequency high voltage generator power. X-ray machines using this technology is called, high-frequency X-ray machine. X-ray machine market has been replaced by high-frequency X-ray machine.

Nanjing Perlove Medical Equipment , a subsidiary of Perlong Medical has a strong technical strength and strong technical team.The company invests a lot of money for product development and upgrade, with the ability to respond to the rapid development of the market. It was first established, set up a lead in the country's high-frequency power laboratory, developed a high frequency and high voltage X-ray generator with completely independent intellectual property rights and high-frequency inverter power supply, its superior performance through a rigorous national testing center testing, product support for the company to provide convenience and security. With a strong technical advantage as the basis, the company has developed a number of models of X-ray machine, including high-frequency mobile X-ray camera (bedside machines), high-frequency mobile surgical X-ray machine (C-arm) high-frequency remote control perspective, the high-frequency X-ray cameras, digital X-ray camera system (DR) and high-frequency digital mobile X-ray camera (mobile DR), high-end products, and in 2009 approved the construction of Jiangsu Province digital Medical Imaging Engineering Technology Research Center. Each year, nearly 200 million total sales in 60 countries and regions around the world has a sales network and installed, and mobile bedside machine and the C-arm for five consecutive years in the domestic market for like medical device equipment, technical content and brand awareness in the first place , product sales ahead.

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