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Domestic medical X-ray machine manufacturer
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China medical X-ray machine has a very good market prospects from the medical device industry development trend . Medical device industry is always a sunrise industry, "the sun" industry, precisely because of this, the momentum of rapid medical device development, the potential future market share is large can not imagine.

According to survey,a variety of accidents makes medical X-ray machines are widely used.It is indispensable to orthopedic and surgical medical equipment. In addition to diagnosis and inspection of trauma, medical X-ray machine can also be non-invasive body injury site or lesion structure check, such as medical X-ray machines, fluoroscopy and spot film photography features digestive tract imaging, cholangiography urinary tract imaging, and lower extremity venous variety of imaging; also be used for fracture restoration in perspective, the foreign body. Interventional Radiology, Orthopaedics, Pain Management, oncology, gynecology, cardiology, urology, etc.

At present, domestic medical X-ray machine manufacturers also have a lot of products from the ball to produce X-ray tube, image intensifier and CCD camera, image acquisition and image processing workstations. Hospital in the purchase of medical X-ray machine to focus on understanding the performance of medical X-ray machine, medical X-ray machine manufacturers offer after-sales service of medical X-ray machine.

A high-quality medical X-ray machine have the following performance and features:
1. high-quality, high performance, high configuration, the right-hand man of the radiology department to provide clinical services;
2, a new ball on the pipe bed design, perspective and contrast image is clear, and does not distortion;
3, the unique color touch screen control technology, clinical ease of operation;
4,whole process control, a variety of photographic conditions to meet the needs of clinical diversification;
5, high-definition medical television system to match the remote operation to obtain high quality images at the same time, the radiation dose to a minimum.

Perlong Medical is based on improving the quality of medical diagnosis, improve the efficiency of the medical staff and to reduce the concerns of physicians and patients to radiation damage, production of medical X-ray machine PLD6000. The PLD6000 medical X-ray machine, superior performance, configuration, stable operation, but also provide comprehensive after-sales service, with a more reasonable price.

(Perlong medical PLD6000 X-ray machine)

Do you want to know PLD6000Medical X-ray machine price? Specific information you can call free customer service telephone :400-6656888 for consultation.

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