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The national large-scale medical equipment base was established in airport economic contract
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Perlong medical equipment nets information: the construction of the medical equipment industry directly related to the development of the local economy, recently free trade zone administrative committee and the general medical equipment company signed cooperation agreements, on the medical equipment production base project has formally settled in airport economic zone. After the meeting, deputy secretary of municipal party committee of binhai new area district party committee secretary HeLiFeng attend and met with the medical equipment company, the chairman and chief executive of ZhaoYiWu a line, welcome to the guest, congratulations to project signing.

Relevant municipal departments and the relevant responsible for comrades in binhai new area. The local economy will have a lot of ascension. Meetings HeLiFeng said, biological medicine is the binhai new area of developing strategic new industry, airport economic zone with its superior location conditions, prominent policy advantage and perfect service function, Chinese academy of sciences has attracted industrial biological research institute a group of well-known biological medicine enterprise, and the research and development institutions here. The group, in the orthopaedic implants field technology advanced, choosing to develop new district, which reflects the strong opportunity awareness and the correct decision. Hope their close cooperation and jointly promote the development of the new biological medicine industry. We will provide high quality "nanny" service, in the talent, the market for enterprise development provides favorable conditions. ZhaoYi Mr Wu said the good development of binhai new area environment, high quality sincere service, we have greatly attraction.

On the basis of this cooperation will be, and give full play to their own advantages, continuously introducing advanced technology, to make enterprise bigger and stronger. The general medical equipment company is the largest orthopaedic implants products production, management and research and development enterprise, in the joints and spinal products imported advanced field, for seven years sales income is the top one in China, 2011 sales revenue exceeds 3 billion yuan RMB. The company and Finland yining companies, and to establish a joint venture in airport economic zone high-end orthopaedic implants products and medical equipment production base projects with total investment of 60 million euros, one of the registered capital of 30 million euros.


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