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Article high-end medical equipment market, CT application more widely
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Perlong medical equipment nets information: recently held in shenzhen of the 67th China international medical equipment exposition has perfect curtain call, in the medical equipment exposition of a certain medical devices company grandly promotes our country the first 64 layer spiral CT, this marks a domestic CT production technology entering high-end era, by the hospital's consistent high praise. The medical equipment for quick scan ability, in low radiation dose, excellent image quality, rich clinical application, efficient workflow, and other aspects of the performance, the product is considered as the domestic market, especially high-end CT break of the foreign capital enterprise for the focus of the 64 layer CT market masterpiece. At present, improving image quality, enhance scanning speed, to reduce the radiation dose, the optimization process is high post 4 CT producers attack, is also the manufacturer of the product technology competition the core index. Domestic CT to enter high-end market, he must in this four big index ambition. The probe is the core components of the CT, it is like CT eyes, decided to the quality of the image. Reporter in neusoft booth understands, this paragraph of NeuViz64 named for the products adopt advanced Quad-Sampling intelligent 4 heavy collection technology, make the original data quantity and improve the four times, can easily get the meaning of diagnosis have high resolution image. At the same time the 1024 large matrix imaging, conventional 512 matrix pixels improve 4 times display and amplified, the accuracy of the image 4 times, ensure that diagnosis accuracy. In order to reduce the radiation dose, NeuViz64 adopted ClearView double threshold iterative advantage technology, in original data and images at the same time two fields by iterative technology, most can reduce more than 50% of the radiation dose, the powerful hardware support, not only improves the image quality, reduce image noise, and ensure that the higher reconstruction speed. The researchers point out "NeuViz64 to mature technology, high performance parts to rely on, incorporates the latest MDCT technology, to fully solve various senior clinical application requirements, including the heart, infusion, colon, lung nodules, senior vascular analysis and so on a series of advanced clinical application function, the maximum complete fast thin layer large range volume requirements. Scanning"

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