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Three blood corpuscle count classification automatic instrument manufacturer | three classification automatic blood analyzer price
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Three classification automatic blood analyzer is a fully automatic classification in the market at present mainstream products, has been widely used in all levels of China's hospital, blood research institutions, such as the unit of blood. Three blood corpuscle count apparatus can be classified automatic test routine blood 22 items, can satisfy the need for most patients check.
The present three classification automatic counting instrument manufacturer blood is more also. But to say to the set of product configuration is high, the leading technology, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service for the integration of production factory is running out. To this, the medical instrument nets professionals through the investigation and study, recommend to you the most famous domestic three classification automatic instrument manufacturer of blood count: perlong medical treatment. The production of XFA6100B three classification automatic blood analyzer reasonable price blood, technology, performance has been in the front row.
At present XFA6100B automatic blood analyzer perlong medical instrument of the hospitals at all levels in China have been the popularization and widely used. XFA6100B has the following characteristics, but also to the cause of the hospitals at all levels of choose and buy.
1 and practicability. Perlong medical XFA6100B automatic blood analyzerreasonable price, high ratio of overall, very practical, suitable for all levels of China's hospital. To control the cost of hospital, at the same time also save the patient's inspection fee.
2, instrument performance. This is the most important factor. The touch screen, XFA6100B automatic blood analyzerembedded type double operating system of measurement data and graph automatic operation, analysis, treatment ensure measurement are accurate and reliable. Open and closed sample puncture sample function, biological high safety, avoid crossing infection. TFT display all kinds of measuring parameters and the histogram, all Chinese (or English) menu display. By Chinese printer print directly measuring results, eight report the print mode. Still can external printer. Instrument has self-check and maintenance function, open and shut down when automatic cleaning sampler and pipeline, in standby mode to timing cleaning, etc. Quality trustworthy!
3 and after-sales service. As the saying goes: save such as fire fighting. On the machine is the same, the machine damage need long time too long can cause the patient to the hospital the credibility of decline, as time passes can cause the loss of patients. Perlong medical has perfect after-sales service.
5, the production of other medical perlong auxiliary equipment, reagents, consumables and spare parts price is very reasonable.
Welcome everybody toll-free customer service hotline 400-6656888 for advice about XFA6100B automatic blood analyzer related information more.
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