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Wandong digital X-ray machines Price
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The name of many products is not unique, including digital X-ray machines.Digital X-ray machine, is also known as: digital X-ray machine, DR direct digital X-ray camera system. The digital X-ray machine is an advanced X-ray photography, computer digital image processing technology and the X-ray emission technology combine to form it on the basis of direct film imaging of the original diagnostic X-ray machine, A / D converter and D / A converter, real-time digital image processing, thereby enabling the image to digital.

From current global economic environment is not very good, but from ordinary X-ray machines to digital X-ray machine, the development trend has continued. X-ray equipment development by industry, policy, competition and user, and many other drivers, I believe that shortly a few years will maintain rapid growth, the primary hospital will become a major competitive market.

Although this trend, but the excellentdigital X-ray machine manufacturers much where the outstanding manufacturers of the professional production of digital X-ray machines, among them Perlong Medical digital X-ray machine and Wandong digital X-ray machine the two relatively well-known manufacturers.

Among them Perlong Medical is based on research and development, sales and after-sales for integration of medical equipment company, with quality products and sincere perfect services, to achieve the company's commitment to customer, meet the customer's demand. Perlong medical leading products: digital X-ray machine, c arm X-ray machine, breast X-ray machine, stomach, machine, pediatric breathing machine, shooting machine, microplate and enzyme standard meter, biochemical analyzer, blood coagulation analyzer, flesh electrolyte analyzer, and so on multiple products for users to a variety of choice.

How much is China digital X-ray machine?
Perlong medical products not only of good quality, reasonable price, high performance/price ratio, and good after-sales service.





(Perlong Medical PLX8200 Digital X Ray Machine)

Perlong medical digital X-ray machine PLX8200 has features as follows:
1. All electric can lift and rotating new U arm main frame design, and satisfy the peace is sick people stand much place photography requirements and flexible operation is simple.
2. The international leading single CCD super digital detector, imaging more clearly.
3. At first the high-powered combined-type high frequency high-pressure X-ray generator and high frequency inverter power supply, save the outer high voltage generator and high voltage cables, features more compact and beautiful, use more convenient security.
4. New U arm special photography bed, bed surface floating electromagnetic lock design, convenient recumbent patients when photography positioning.
5. New DR special console design, using graphical true color touch screen LCD digital intelligent control system, the operation simple, easy to use and safety.
6. Operates a number of parts, much more than the body posture, adult and children, the human body photography features parameter Settings, at the same time, the user can be free to modify and storage, the operation is more simple.
7. Using high quality high frequency high-pressure X-ray generator and high frequency inverter power supply, the rays good quality, low doses of skin, the image contrast, contrast.
8. The KV, mAs digital closed loop control technology, the microprocessor real-time control, ensure accurate, reproducible output dose.
9. Have multiple automatic protection and fault prompt functions, instrument use more safe and reliable.

Perlong medical treatment ", will take the high quality, high efficiency, and constantly open up the spirit of innovation.We are willing with friends at home and abroad, for the world medical enterprise development common development.

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