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Abbott laboratories' blood gas analyzers agent | abbott laboratories' offer blood gas analyzers price
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blood gas analyzers is critically ill patients rescue, and severe in ICU emergency care very important a medical instrument. Blood gas analyzer can quickly detect in the blood of the pH value, oxygen partial pressure and pressure and carbon dioxide points potassium sodium chloride calcium, so as to test the life of the patient characteristics, through the prompt, accurate treatment and save the life of the critically ill patients.
Due to the requirements of the flesh analyzer technology is very high, is very strict, so except on the market at present the import brand, such as abbott laboratories' blood gas analyzers, domestic in the flesh analyzer or very little. In order to develop our blood gas analyzer industry, perlong medical through unremitting efforts, finally successfully developed new PL2000 blood gas analyzers, at present has begun to enter the market.
With the existing market look, perlong medical of this PL2000 blood gas analyzer is the first issue in the domestic market, and also invites before in the diamond quality level agents. Of course, relative to import blood gas analyzer, perlong medical treatment of this blood gas analyzers not only advanced technology, superior quality, and the prices of the hospitals at all levels more suited to purchase.

(PL2000 perlong medical flesh analyzer)
Perlong medical PL2000 flesh analyzer will replace foreign products, become the first choice of hospital, that is because PL2000 blood gas  analyzer has these window and advantage:
1, using international advanced technology, is also the domestic initiative of critically disease detection system.
2, high scientific and technological content: the first domestic USES solid state ion selective electrode measurement electrolyte project, and put an end to the test sample ions other interference, measurement accuracy is higher, repeatability is better; Solid ion selective electrode, lifelong free maintenance and long service life, can reach (24 to 36 months).
3, convenient operation: all the Chinese color graphical a key type operating system; Integration reagent package a period parameters calibration, no gas cylinders.
4, economic: PL2000 blood gas analyzer is more reasonable prices, and designed for China big, medium, small hospitals and medical and health institutions research and development production different specifications integration reagent bag, the complete elimination reagent waste, best to reduce the cost.
5, safety: almighty in automatic injection device, the maximum security apparatus of the normal operation and operation personnel security; The low cost, no maintenance safety reagent bag, not need to replace reagent bottle and cylinder, effectively avoid biological pollution.
As for medical PL2000 blood gas analyzer perlong price how much to specific problems and information, the agent or a client interested in can click page consulting or inquire online, free service hotline 400-6656888.
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