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Shenzhen hospital gives Bama medical equipments value over two million
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     In the developed city, medical equipment in the popularity of the hospital is quite deep, the basic each hospital is equipped with the latest high-tech medical equipment. But to remote areas of the hospital to dare not expect, a small amount of medical equipment Bama autonomous county people's hospital brought a gift: a fully automatic biochemistry analyzer and two sets of B ultrasonic machine, worth $2.26 million, with some medical equipment manufacturer support.

      In 2009, Beijing university shenzhen hospital and Bama county people's hospital medical help form corresponding unit. For several years, Beijing university department of shenzhen hospital related experts, has repeatedly to Bama in supporting work, donated 250000 yuan worth of medical equipment and carry out the relevant training. According to understand, through the Beijing university shenzhen hospital after supporting. Bama county people's hospital has laparoscopic surgery can carry on the system and independent completed total hip hip arthroplasty operation, at the same time, the critical first aid levels have bigger promotion.

      Bama county people's hospital doctor WenZheng fly to say, biochemistry analyzer is on blood biochemical tests, used only a hospital biochemistry analyzer, each hour can only handle 500 items, work at a normal speed, cause patients to the delay of the test results. Added a new biochemistry analyzer, basically can satisfy the needs of the hospital now.


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