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Which brand of microplate reader is better ?
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Microplate reader currently has been widely used in hospital checkrd, scientific research institutions, immune workstation, can effective testing various enzymes and so on, in the safety department, can be used to detect melamine, lean lean fine such harmful substances, so said enzyme standard instrument for our health is very important.
So microplate reader, which brand is good? High quality microplate reader can improve the working efficiency of the medical personnel, improve the testing accuracy; And the quality defects, or the function is not complete microplate reader will give the doctors and patients in a lot of trouble. In many china microplate reader brand, we will have to mention perlong medical treatment. Perlong medical the production of 9602 G microplate reader is in the market consensus is one of good equipment.

(perlong medical 9602 G microplate reader)
So the hospital in the choose and buy the perlong medical 9602 G enzyme standard analyzer, use at ordinary times, how to do maintenance work?
Microplate reader killer is one of the environment and wet. Some units bought microplate reader temporarily need not, placed a long time he found that cannot be used properly. This kind of situation often in south China is the weather damp places often see. After the check, often finds filter and microplate reader motherboard optical detection devices for damp have mold. Countermeasures: for the humid environment, in if microplate reader need long-term storage, I suggest using a completely sealed plastic bag into the machine into the store will desiccant, in order to ensure that the microplate reader stored in dry environment won't because of damp and affect the normal use of mould. If you have not of the spare filter it may also be stored.
Microplate reader second killer dust. Microplate reader is optical tests analysis instruments, so optical device to dust will not only influence the test result, more will cause damage to the enzyme standard analyzer, the more serious the precision instruments. We went to several hospital inspection, among them, know to there is a hospital for enzyme standard analyzer is very new, cooling fans without dust, we all thought that their Microplate reader is just buy the near, don't know fill in somebody else has been used for more than 3 years. And also a hospital enzyme standard analyzer just over a year, the instrument had problems, open, the dust on the fan too much, operation has been very sweaty, optical components on a layer of fine dust, really doubt they at ordinary times the test results are accurate, and optical fiber serious aging, must be replaced. Countermeasures: keep enzyme standard work environment clean of the analyzer, if there are conditions, enzyme in special room use standard analyzer. Don't really have the conditions please professional regular maintenance.
If you want to know more about perlong medical 9602 G microplate reader of relevant information, to our professional customer service can be for consultation, free service hotline 400-6656888 or click perlong medical equipment nets online customer service.
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