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SYSMEX automatic five classification blood count instrument agent price quotation
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Years person is different, this words recognizes time in the three dimensional space of the linear change. Because of the time axis is always on facing forward our journey, as a 3 d space we human beings also can drift, let we get old. Of course we are not do anything, healthy eating, early to bed and early to rise is a good way to prevent aging, disease will also take youth take life, often for a physical examination can prevent disease deteriorates into irreparable serious illness.

Physical examination can help you find some major disease and early in the first hint of killing them, each year for two systemic check is city new trend. The blood corpuscle count instrument is the whole body blood routine examination test this a want to use in the important medical equipment. The blood corpuscle count instrument have five classification and three classification two kinds, the current domestic market is known and sen j-chen automatic classification blood count five meter, automatic classification blood count perlong five meter, the perlong three classificationblood analyzer, etc. The general blood count instrument agents will choose homebred brand, because performance when compared to the blood count instrument price quotation domestic brand often agent than import brand low, cost-effective, what is there against it?

This one XFA9500 blood  instrument equipped with semiconductor laser scattering and advanced flow analysis system, and the use of advanced optical signal acquisition system, the white accurate five classification analysis. Has the test results, and more accurate inspection parameters, detection speed, large graphical TFT color touch screen, windowsXP operating system, five classification and so many advantages. Can be widely used in hospital wards and outpatient service, emergency routine testing work, not only shorten the examination time, convenient patients and reduce the labor intensity of the operator, fully meet the requirement of modern blood tests.

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