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China noninvasive newborn ventilator brand manufacturer | noninvasive neonatal respiratory machine price
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Noninvasive neonatal respiratory machine adopts continuous positive airway pressure system airway, auxiliary weak newborns spontaneous breathing. Eliminates the previous auxiliary breath means mandatory open the abuse of the newborn breathing passage, no and no pain. China noninvasive newborn vetilator brand manufacturers many, but really get by users are not big brands, medical treatment is the user really convincing perlong good brand.
Perlong medical people oriented customer the highest idea, the management medical equipment for 19 years, under the company not only have babies and breathing machine series, there are all kinds of laboratory equipment such as blood gas analyzer, X-ray equipment such as high frequency scan machine, etc, all is the market leading products, welcome agents came to negotiate business, free hot line: 400-6656-888.

Perlong medical-- NLF-200 C CPAP system
This a noninvasive neonatal respiratory machine a wide range of treatment, such as: treatment premature apnea, newborns wet lung, infectious pneumonia, pulmonary edema, mechanical ventilation after application of the ventilator weaning. After application can obviously observed:
1. Powerfully: children quiet, breathe smoothly, rosy, good reaction, heart sounds powerful limbs, warm, muscle tension normal, SaO2 quartile 90% 2. Get better: children quiet, shallow breathing close to, I have apnea, rosy, lip weeks cyanosis improve limbs, cool, muscle tension normal, SaO2 quartile 85%
If you are on this a noninvasive neonatal respiratory machine price have question about CPAP system , welcome you consult our online customer service, believe that you will get a satisfactory answer!
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