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Jiangsu medicines and medical equipment, the administration's clean up market, special inspection illegal advertisement
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Now facing the intense competition medical equipment market, many medical equipment company between the increasingly fierce competition, the competition means also unceasingly in the change, in which through the TV and other media advertising is the company sales consistent way. In order to crack down on drugs, medical equipment market illegal advertisement, jiangsu, the administration's throughout the province organized the illegal advertisement special inspection, to safeguard the people's health.
It is understood that the special inspection regulation highlights include:
One is the record release without approval or the drugs, health care food, medical equipment advertising; Fake advertisement approval number, tampering with the examination and approval of the contents of the advertisements without authorization act.
The second is the public figures, experts, patients name for product functions such as proof of serious false illegal drugs, health care food, medical equipment advertising.
Three is expanding the scope of any indications serious false illegal drugs, health care food, medical equipment advertising.
Four treating cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, lung disease, vitiligo, Parkinson's disease, such as sexually transmitted diseases prescription drugs in mass media hair cloth advertising.
Five is complain inform against a concentration, illegal if the circumstances are serious drug advertising.
Six is other serious false illegal drugs, health care food, medical equipment advertising.
Seven is already be taken to stop selling measures the illegal advertisement drugs, but continue to release the illegal advertisements or continue to sell.
Check the target includes: each province, radio stations, television stations and newspapers and other media outdoor billboard, shop ZhanPai, release the drug, the health food, medical equipment advertising; The drug business unit to stop selling illegal advertisement drug implementation.
Special campaigns in three phases, and in June, 2012, 1 ~ 30 days for publicity mobilization stage; July 1, to aug. 31 check list for the stage; September 1 ~ 30, protecting summary for the stageof medical device market sales, ShengJu will organize supervision and the cities of special inspection summarize evaluation.
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