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The market need high quality of medical equipments,China is expected to replace the western market
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     Medical and health services is taken seriously more and more, the medical equipment products in the face of market demand is growing. With the quality of life for people at the same time, to medical treatment equipment the quality requirements of the product were increased. For our country the markets, national attention, per capita income increase and the practice of medical insurance policy for medical career with a huge market; Many powerful local manufacturers after years of accumulation and multinational companies in China put more r&d and manufacturing and also promoted the development of the Chinese medical manufacturing industry. Our country also will due to high quality market demand and have hope approximation or beyond the western market.

     The international medical planted instruments market in China than in the market of the low starting point, but in recent years is a good time to rapid development, China is expected to go beyond the traditional approach western markets. Of course, I mean the quality of the product and the transcendence of industry standard, not the volume of, can give millions Chinese patients bring practical utility products and services beyond sense!

     Now commonly used implanting medical devices metal raw material including stainless steel, titanium and titanium alloy, cobalt-based alloy. Europe and the implant materials make use of stainless steel is more extensive, the Chinese market relatively complex, different products have the corresponding market, overall prefer titanium and titanium alloy. At present, there are 900 mountain, vick is further development of the material, stay on the market. Such as vacuum the remelting of the LVM 316 stainless steel is implanted mountain, specifically for medical product development, vick of materials. Also used in the manufacture of medical devices such as the mountain of the RK91 materials, vick 1, is also a new development to the nanometer level precipitation aging hardened stainless steel, often used for bone drilling, such as spicules surgical instrument product, in intensity (after aging), toughness and corrosion resistance superior performance on.

     The surface modification is the material development in the field of one of the grand opera. Implantation in the human body is the surface of medical equipment in direct contact with the human body, through the surface to sex, can improve biocompatibility, and reduce wear, and then reduce implant loose may, ensure the implant long-term performance. Will also lend jian other experience in the field of, for example, the mountain, the experience of development of cutting tool materials vick applied to joint implant material development, the use of ceramic coating line into the surface modification, etc.


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