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Shanghai KeHui medical equipment company to invest $310 million acquisition of success Oridion Systems
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Now people health consciousness constantly strengthen, for medical enterprise value degree is also in constant improvement. The market formedical equipment in the technical requirements of the continuous improvement, many medical equipment company in constant effort to create a permanent brand. In a protracted war, and at the same time, "buying" boom also has a hit, it is reported, a Shanghai Shanghai KeHui medical equipment company to invest $310 million acquisition of success Oridion Systems.
It is understood that the trading,American medical equipment supply large ShangKeHui medical company (also as tyco medical company, English name for Covidien) has to spend $310 million, belongs to the net cash purchase. KeHui medical company said the deal in a certain degree of the perfect company medical equipment series.
According to the purchase agreement signed by both parties of the provisions of the money, KeHui medical company acquired Oridion Systems company all the circulation of ordinary shares outside. It is reported, Oridion Systems company headquarters is located in Israel in Jerusalem. Until now Oridion Systems company under the flag of the YiXie series mainly has Microstream series carbonated wave figures and model detector.
KeHui medical company breathing and monitoring solutions department President Robert j. White said, Oridion Systems company is good at each kind of monitoring equipment research and development, so the acquisition is helpful to improve the company's monitoring technology.
KeHui medical company formerly known as tyco company tyco international group is an important part of the global major medical equipment and disposable medical products manufacturers.
KeHui medical's main businesses include divided into medical devices, video, drugs and medical supplies four big business departments, and is a global healthcare for the most widely .
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