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Blood coagulation analyzer principle and features of the instrument
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Blood coagulation analyzer, namely blood coagulation analyzer, is to the blood clots and stop bleeding for laboratory medical apparatus and instruments. Stop bleeding and thrombosis molecular markers detection indicators and clinical various diseases are closely linked, such as atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arteriovenous thrombosis, thromboangiitis obliterans, pulmonary embolism, pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, diffuse intravascular coagulation, hemolysis urine poison syndrome, chronic obstructive pneumonia, etc. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine for activating blood circulation and eliminating stasis about treatment and research on the work also involves bleeding and blood clots. Use blood clots apparatus to blood clots and stop bleeding for laboratory become necessary. And blood analyzer, blood clots instrument is divided into two types of automatic and semi-automatic.
At present the which can develop thrombosis/hemostatic ingredients detection method mainly has solidified method, the substrate show color method, immune method, latex aggregation method, etc. In the table can be noticed, in thrombosis/hemostatic inspection of the most commonly used prothrombin time (PT), activate part blood coagulation analyzerlive enzyme (APTT), time fibrinogen (FIB), thrombin time (TT), endogenous clotting factor, exogenous clotting factors, high molecular weight heparin, low molecular weight heparin, protein C, protein S, etc can all be method for measuring the solidification. So right now, semi-automatic blood clots apparatus basically solidification is measured to give priority to, and in full automatic blood coagulation analyzer must also have solidified measured.
In the law of the solidification and can be divided into optical method and the method of magnetic beads of two categories. Due to the optical method is almost covers all kinds of test method, in order to reduce the cost of manufacturing equipment, automatic blood clots in optical method is in the majority. But also have a few senior automatic blood clots instrument measured by method of solidification without the interference of sample double magnetic circuit magnetic beads method, and the other is measured by optical method, and at the same time for testing.
Optical method blood coagulation analyzer is according to the plasma solidification process to determine the turbidity change blood clotting. According to different optical instrument measuring principle, can divide again scattering method and transmission than muddy than turbidity method two kinds.
Scattering turbidity method is better than for inspection according to the sample during solidification in scattering light changes to determine the end of the test. In this method detection channel monochrome light source and light detectors with a 90 O right Angle, when in the sample to join blood coagulation activation agent, with samples of fibrin clots forming process, and the scattering of light intensity sample gradually increase. When the sample after completely solidification, the scattering intensity of no longer changes, usually is the starting point of the solidification as 0%, solidification end as 100%, 50% as the coagulation time. Light detectors receiving the optical change, turn it into electrical signals, amplified to be transmitted to monitor on processing, trace solidification curve.
Transmission than turbidity method, is based on data for the samples during solidification in absorbency change to determine the end of the solidification, and scattering turbidity method is different than the method of the light path the same color as a straight line method than arrangement: from the light source the light processed into parallel light, through for the samples to cell into electrical signals after irradiation, amplified monitoring processing. When added to the sample of blood after activation agent, the start of the spectrophotometry is very weak, with the reaction tube fibrin clot formation, specimens spectrophotometry is also increasing, when clots after fully formed, absorbency tend to be constant. Blood clots instrument can be described absorbency and set curve of a point of the corresponding time for the coagulation time.
Here a perlong medical instrument of blood clotting to you as a reference object:

Perlong medical--PUN-2048-B type double channel is blood coagulation analyzer

1. Learning principle of photoelectric detection, for PT, APTT, TT, FBG and each clotting factors of active detection;
2. Have add reagent to be automatic perceptual system, use common plus sample gun can, instrument used the vibration type blending device, need not stir shaking stick, operation more easy and convenient;
3. All inspection items can be input parameters calibration, in advance and calibration results can be long-term preservation, calls, save reagents;
4. Advanced optical system design and intelligent software system to overcome the OARS high blood fat, HuangDan specimens, hemolytic, to the interference of chylothorax detection;
5. The report way: time, active, ratio, the international standard ratio, concentration.
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