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Radiology system with high quality PLD5000A
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Radiology system with high quality  PLD5000A

This x ray system  must only be operated by the professional who has necessary radiation knowledge and has got through  professional training of medical x ray .   
This x ray device is used to photograph patient's esophagus, chest, gastrointestinal, abdomen, limbs etc for common radiography, Beam Limiting Device radiograph and high kV radiography.

Features of Radiology system with high quality  PLD5000A
1.The console applies LCD display photograph term, the device has the mA, kV of photograph table projection chosen are controlled by procedure interlock, be separate ,not disturb.
2.Use the microprocessor limited-time control, to achieve the precise control of the expose time. 
3.Select the exposure tube current at the same time to determine the focus. 
4.This x ray machine adopts mA, KV, s three parameters free matching work method.
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