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Digital radiography X-ray equipment VET1010 for pets
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Digital radiography X-ray equipment VET1010 for pets

Professional image acquisition and processing system
DICOM 3.0 interface supports concise image processing and work list output.
Advanced Technology
Innovative A-Si Flat Panel Detector
1,Mature flat-panel detector ensures excellent image quality and reliable clinical diagnosis.
2,Fast imaging time, high efficiency, directly imaging in computer without film processing.

Optimized Human -- Friendly Design of portable mobile veterinary DR x-ray equipment VET 1010
1,Multiple self - protection and fault alarming function, safe and reliable.
2,Automatically save parameters when suddenly power off, no lose of data.
Incomparable Flexibility
1,Movable in any field, convenient to fix vet animals on the table.
2,Hihg quality X-ray monoblock can rotate ± 90°.
3,Rocker can move up and down with advanced counter balance technology.
4,Foldable detector bracket.
Unique Clinical Experience
1,High quality x-ray monoblock assures more details, less dose.
2,Wireless remote control exposure, penetrate obstacles, more convenient to operate.

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