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Digital X ray equipment PLX8200 CCD camera
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Digital X ray equipment PLX8200 CCD camera

Features of Diagnostic Hf Medical X-ray Machine PLX8200 
1.The electric lift and rotatable newly designed U-shaped frame can meet the photographic requirements of different standing and lying positions. The U-shaped design can make the operation much more convenient and flexible.
2.The world leading digital CCD detector can help you get the high-definition images.
3.The leading domestic high power compact high frequency X-ray generator and high frequency power inverter makes the machine much more compact and more convenient without the extra high-voltage generator and cable.
4.Newly designed photographic bed used specially for the U-shaped arm X-ray system . The bed floating and electromagnetic lock design makes it convenient for the accurate position of the recumbent patients.

Usage of High Quality Surgical Fluoroscopy X-ray Machine PLX8200 
Applied to the chest, skull, spine and limbs and other parts of the X-ray digital imaging.
China high quality digital x-ray machine is also called digital  radiography x-ray system .
brand of the high frequency digital x ray machine is Perlong.
The digital x ray machine machine is a kind of X ray madical equipment.
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