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The electrode systems to flesh analyzer ph measurements
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Blood gas electrolyte analyzer is widely used in care, such as intensive care department more important medical equipment. It mainly divided into the electrode systems PH electrode and PH and than electrode.
PH electrode and PH than to complete the electrode and to PH measurements. PH electricity using the principle of potential micro is to measure the solution of H + concentration. The electrode is a sensitive to H + the glass electrodes, also have to use another potential value in the blood of H + and known glass electrode membranes of metal ions exchange differences have potential. It and blood samples of H + concentration proportional to the relationship. General use of the atmospheric air and pure carbon dioxide 2 kinds of gas produced by certain mix ratio between logarithmic relationship there.

Oxygen electrode is a gas sensor electrode. Their measurement is based on the principle of electrolytic oxygen and realize. Oxygen electrodes produce little current, for the amplifier for high input impedance, low noise of the micro electric current amplifier; Carbon electrode is also a gas sensor electrode. Front have a layer of a semipermeable membrane, it only allows carbon dioxide gas molecules through, and prevent other gas molecules and ion, through, the measurement of PH value after log conversion can get PCO2 value. South PCO2 in PH and between is a percentage of the relationship, and blood gas analyzer method is a relative measurement method.

Therefore, the measuring before. First of all want to use standard of liquid and gas to determine the PH, PCO2 3 sets of electrode work curve. Usually established electrode systems work curve of the process is called calibration or calibration. Each electrode will have 2 kinds of standard material for calibration determined that establish work curve at least need two working point.
In order to complete the samples to be automatic calibration, automatic measurement and automatic flush, and other functions, generally in  blood gas analyzer are installed a more complex pipeline system with the work and pipeline pump body and electromagnetic valve. Pump and electromagnetic valve, stop, turn of the open and closed, and the temperature of high and low. Calibration gas and calibration of liquid with and without a stop, etc, supply, and by computer to control or monitoring.
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