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Johnson in medical devices field development rather meet, was again "recall door"
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Perlong medical equipment nets information: the medical device industry excellent situation, lead many large companies at home and abroad and start moving the medical device field. Including Johnson, a series of big action, make people in the medical equipment for Johnson in the field of much attention. But Johnson seems to be less, often spread quality problems.

To do recently quality door. Recent state food and drug administration official website notice, says Johnson &johnson (Shanghai) according to medical equipment Co., LTD. The report, due to the batch number for 15437344 balloon catheter expansion there could be "slow contraction" or "not contracting", Johnson &johnson (Shanghai) medical equipment Co., LTD Cordis EuropaN. V production balloon catheter expansion active recalled. To this, Johnson &johnson China in response to the daily economic news reporter interviews that, up to now, the unused 55 box products all in Johnson &johnson   China  medical equipment Co., LTD under control.

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