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In the first half of 2012, the administration's hunan province issued medical equipment inspection report, the strengthened enterprise service consciousness
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Perlong medical equipment nets information: medical equipment in the strict management for medical smoothly has the important influence, governments around the world are also aware of this, and the development of medical devices are positive related work. Recently, the administration's hunan province is issued the first half of the year 2012 medical device adverse events inspection report, procuratorial range and way more widely including medical equipment manufacturers, distributors, medical units and so on, also encourage masses inform against illegal and criminal behavior.

 In this bulletin report, for the second half of this year the medical equipment makes a deployment of procuratorial work, hope to get more significant social effect. Report points out, the first half of the year, the medical device adverse event monitoring mechanism is running well, altogether collected suspicious medical device adverse events of 2519 report, more than 2011 in the same period level, including serious adverse event reports and three types of medical equipment adverse event reports proportion by more than work objectives.

At the same time, the agency required the medical device adverse event monitoring unit to further enhance the sense of responsibility, overcome difficulties, and increase the work force, promote monitoring report quantity and quality, advancing medical device adverse event monitoring work and ensure the completed 2012 work assignments. Ensure the fundamental interests of the people, to ensure smooth cure.

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