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Please send me your best price for XFA6000 intelligent hematology analyzer cost
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When asking which kind of blood analyzer in the market is most widely used , it must be three classification blood analyzer, three classification blood analyzer might not as advanced as five classification blood analyzer , but many consumers when choosing a blood analyzer, as long as able to meet its own needs instrument is enough.

As the matter, three classification blood is still level 3 hospital door analyzer, the emergency department, secondary and primary hospitals use of the mainstream of the equipment. Blood analyzer is used to measure blood cells in the blood (white, red blood cells, platelets WBC RBC PLT) unit volume content; Determination of hemoglobin concentration (HGB); The white (WBC) classification; And detection and calculated the value analysis index parameters of the blood cells morphology instrument. The basic principle is the 1950 s American Coulter w.h. invention of the particle counting technology. Principle is based on the nature of the blood cells is low conductivity, with the electrolyte solution blood cells particles in through the hole resistance change caused testing as a blood count and volume measurement of the foundation. This method is also called "Kurt principle.

Perlong medical XFA6000Intelligent of, is a intelligent, automatic classification of three blood analyzer, can meet the needs of the clinical, daily maintenance is very simple, before the test, as long as open power key, can complete all preparations, including computer bit, washing, perfusion channel and blank confirmation. Testing finished, click on close key XFA6000Intelligent can automatically flush all channels, then automatically shut off, intelligent maintenance.


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