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The 68th international medical equipment fair Perlong Medical meet you there
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Countries more than 2600 medical device manufacturing enterprise and more than 100 countries and territories worldwide of 150000 government agencies purchase, hospital buyers and dealers participate, and she also medical treatment as a medical device manufacturing enterprise was invited to the exhibition.

The 68th China international medical equipment fair autumn, in 2012 will be October 18 to 21, in century city chengdu new international exhibition center held. In the three days of the exhibition time, perlong group will be in the exhibition hall 3 B08 museum exhibition booth perlong latest medical instrument equipment: including clinical laboratory equipment, X-ray room equipment, etc., perlong latest ICU equipment - JP2000-09 super-thin severe monitor is for the first time in the form of entity in the exhibits.

JP2000-09 super-thin severe monitor is she the latest achievements in scientific research, but also the China international medical equipment fair in the fall of the important perlong group exhibition products. JP2000-09 super-thin severe monitor is currently the most advanced technology, the cost performance is the highest one severe monitor, in the eve of the exhibition has been which is attracting lots of attention and believe in the medical expo will shine brilliantly.

A: the most frivolous. JP2000-09 super-thin intensive care instrument to achieve in the real meaning of ultra-thin, appearance size is only 32 * and * 12 cm, the maximum extent reduce space occupancy, easy to carry. Unique accessories column design, can receive protection in practical application of blood oxygen probe, etc element.

Two: the most advanced. Using the international most advanced rising edge measuring blood pressure method, and other severe monitor blood pressure measurement time compared more short, pressure more small, at the same time solve traditional critical care instrument measuring blood pressure easy to produce gas leakage cause the disadvantages of error.

Three: the most human nature. Real voice alarm number off function to add to the same type of product is also a big technology innovation, voice function to add up the visual information transfer single shortage, more humanized. At the same time, also widened the severe monitor (and MingXin electric monitor) application scope, even if in under the condition of insufficient light also can be normal use.

Four: the most energy saving. Original creation embedded system design of low power consumption, no fan noise, can be said to be a new energy-saving severe monitor. And this also is other similar products on the market do not have the advantage.

Five: the almighty. Eight word user setting waveform and color, seven guide LianXin electric display, control chatter, resisting high frequency electric knife, resisting myoelectricity interference and 50 hz trap. One machine can, from newborn to adults, can meet the many departments use.

Six: the most efficient. Remote wireless information system, to achieve remote monitoring function. The function of the configuration is added in information age development needs, keep pace with The Times to create more quick, convenient medical treatment of medical conditions.

Perlong group was founded in 1993, with nearly 20 years of development, she has become the domestic medical equipment of famous brand, reputation at home and abroad. And perlong group can become medical equipment industry leaders, cannot leave the core technology and scientific and technological personnel to bring strong competitiveness, up to now she medical have a number of patent technology by the national academy of sciences of authentication, business spread to all over the world. The invited exhibition perlong medical was invited to the 68th China international medical equipment fair is the autumn perlong group one certainly, but also give perlong group encouragement, perlong group will never idle, bring more and better medical products and technology to solve the medical problems, and social returns.

The 68th China international medical equipment fair autumn
The time: in 2012, October 18 to 21 (century city chengdu new international exhibition centre)
Perlong group booth: 3 B08 hall booth
Perlong group exhibition window - JP2000-09 super-thin severe monitor (for the first time in the form of entity in the exhibition display).
Perlong medical hotline: 400-6656-888


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