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In 2012 CMEF , medical apparatus and instruments exhibition
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China international medical equipment fair (CMEF) since 1979 has been established more than 30 years, now has become the asia-pacific region's largest medical equipment and related products, service exhibition, and is one of the largest in the medical industry professional medical procurement trade platform, the best enterprise image and published by professional information collection and distribution center and academic, technical exchange platform.

And the recent 2012 the 68th China international medical equipment fair (chengdu) will also be in on October 18, 2012-21 in chengdu century city held new international exhibition center, when our country will have a large number of medical instrument company at the exhibition.

In 2012, medical apparatus and instruments exhibition will also keep the past situation, continue to display many leading medical equipment product, its content comprehensive, covered including pharmacy automation, medical images, in vitro diagnostic, electronic, optical, first aid, rehabilitation nursing and medical information technology, outsourcing services tens of thousands of new products, direct and comprehensive service in medical equipment industry from the point of origin to the terminal whole medical industry chain article.

Each term will have from more than 20 countries more than 2600 medical device manufacturing enterprise and more than 100 countries and territories worldwide of 150000 government agencies purchase, hospital buyers and dealers convergent CMEF trading, exchanges.

It is understood that the domestic famous medical equipment company, she will also be invited to medical treatment, she will join the latest products JP2000-09 super-thin multiparameter patient monitor at 2012 medical apparatus and instruments exhibition, which is determined by the perlong medical instrument company's nanjing division force power electronic equipment co., LTD., production.

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