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The 44 world medical BBS international exhibition and conference
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Dusseldorf "international hospital and medical equipment supplies exhibition" is the world famous comprehensive medical exhibition, is recognized as the world's most Big hospitals and medical equipment exhibition, with its irreplaceable scale and influence in the world the first medical trade show. Every year, more than 130 and the international and regional from more than 3600 companies, of which 51% from Germany outside the country, an area of exhibition 283800 square meters. 

MEDICA of target audience all for medical professionals, hospital doctors, hospital management, hospital and technical personnel, all Family doctors, medical laboratory personnel, nurses, nursing staff, residents, therapists and other medical professionals, they also come from All over the world. The MEDICA exhibition in the world in the medical industry stands firm dominant position. This exhibition in Germany every year more than the dussel He convened, the exhibition will be held at the German pharmaceutical raw materials and medical apparatus and instruments exhibition - hall no. 8 (2010 compamed). From the clinic treatment to show Hospitalization the whole field of all kinds of products and services, the products include the medical equipment, supplies all the usual categories and medical pass Dispatch information science and technology, medical furniture equipment, medical field construction technology, medical equipment management, etc. Extension also held more than 200 seminar, speak Seat, discussion and performance. This exhibition in the world in the medical industry stands firm dominant position. 

Perlong medical will attend MEDICA 2012 .The 44 world medical BBS international exhibition  andconference .Dusseldorf Dusseldorf, 2012.11.14. - 11.17. Booth number: 16 e60-4

 If you want to grasp the latest and the most comprehensive, The most authoritative world medical equipment market information, if you also want to and the world's top medical instrument counterparts of face to face Communication, also widely to understand the medical technology development trend, if you more to the foreign advanced technology and equipment introduced domestic, the discussion Trade agency of words, attendMEDICA exhibition is your best choice!


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