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GE ECG monitor quotation | GE multiparameter patient monitor price
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The rapid development of science and technology, the medical instrument industry has undergone a great change, all kinds ofmedical devices to reduce the advent of patients life safety threat.

The ecg monitor the advent of, is to the patient monitoring have strong safeguard. Ecg monitor is a measurement and control patients physiological parameters, and can be compared with the known value, if an overweight can give alarm device or system.

Other must be 24 hours of continuous monitoring the patient's physiological parameters, detection changing trend, and points out that the dangerous situation, for the doctor emergency treatment and treatment basis, to minimize complications to alleviate and eliminate the purpose of illness. Ecg monitor USES in addition to measuring and monitoring physiological parameters outside, still include monitoring and processing drug and the condition of before and after surgery. The following is perlong JP2000-09 super-thin multiparameter patient monitor product reference map,



(perlong medical brand - JP2000-09 super-thin multiparameter monitor)

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