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The 3D imaging technique of new product -- PLX7200
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Now, our company lauched latest products—PLX7200, and this machine is mainly applies to three-dimensional imaging technique.The 3D imaging technique is a method of cone-beam CT technology tomography calculated, mainly used in surgical C-arm X-ray machine expansion techology. when it use, the X-ray machine and the amplification equipment of its opposite image will rotate around the patient, and continuous shoot overlapping X-ray image with the uniform speed.

This tomography can get a clearer outline displaying result, especially, show the skeletal structure. Therefore, whether it is in the diagnosis of extremities fracture or trunk fracture, or the diagnosis of facial skull fracture,it can be obtained three-dimensional image during surgery.
In recent years, some scholars have proposed the concept of three-dimensional surgery represents the development direction of the surgery. So, the mobile 3D C-arm X-ray machine is the essential foundation of Orthopedic Surgery 3D surgery.

It has significant advantages:

1. it can generate two-dimensional and three-dimensional images at the same time. Intraoperative three-dimensional perspective tomography the hip sagittal, coronal, and cross-sectional images can be displayed simultaneously on the display, help the surgeon in the three facets monitoring screw position is the best, whether into the joint space. The three-dimensional reconstruction image makes the surgeon more intuitive implanted screws.

2. Implants more accurately, and to ensure surgical safety,we can choose a screw which is more suitable length and strength, which can improve the effect of the surgery, greatly reduce the patient's hospital stays.

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