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Newest CPAP system NLF-200A sales champion all over the world !
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Good news for you, all my best friends!

Our Perlong Medical, launches our newest and popular product Ventilator CPAP system NLF-200A at the early season in 2012, and wins good reputation form the users in domestic market and overseas.

It is gas driven electronically controlled, time switch type synchronous ventilator, special for children, and new borns. And usually mainly used to whom with difficulty breathing, and with bad two lung inflatable functions, early or mild-to-moderate neonatal respiratory distress and premature apnea neonatal and so on.

Let me give you the biggest advantages of this machine.

Firstly, it is based on non-invasive continuous airway positive pressure ventilation, easy for doctor use, and let patients free from the sickness torture in a large degree. Continuous oxygen, easy to improve the safety of oxygen therapy effectiveness, can meet the basic requirements of patients surgery needs.

Secondly, according to the international standard configurations, our CPAP NLF-200A is equipped with main engine (air supply parameters adjustment, LCD, safety protection and alarm system, empty oxygen mixing device, oxygen concentration meter, patients joint), air pipelines and frame, more important, we can also make this machine with medical air compressor and humidifier, easy to operate.

Thirdly, with built-in air oxygen mixed devices, so, we can realize the real-time monitoring of Oxygen concentration; avoid the newborn with oxygen caused by the improper complications and adverse consequences to ensure that oxygen concentration regulation is stable and reliable.

At last, this item with so many advantages, providing a safe, controllable oxygen concentration, effectively maintaining functional residual capacity (FRC), helping to reduce baby’s breathing work, providing a better temperature humidity gas and also obviously reduce chronic lung disease (CLD) incidence, our CPAP system NLF-200A will be your best choice! Hurry up to have a look at this product!

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