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At present has high performance monitor (ecg monitor, multi-parameter monitor) system have good ecg analysis software and extensive editing function, is mainly to the keeper for continuous ecg monitoring function. It combines the advanced computer technology and diagnosis technology at an organic whole, for clinical doctors to provide a perfect scientific diagnosis. At present application is more extensive monitor brand has perlong medical multiparameter monitor, shenzhen golden section power monitor, etc.

Jinke wei monitor price how many money? In fact, the domestic monitor product production technology the good and bad are intermingled. Monitor price nature is unequal. As we all know, in ICU and operating room monitor is mainly to the critically ill patient monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen saturation, monitoring inaccuracies caused by the judgement will cause serious consequences, and even medical accident. So, monitor quality requirements are very high.

Perlong medical JP2000-09 multiparameter monitor appearance design, ultra-thin design, lightsome and easy to carry. Adopted advanced guardianship concept and technology, embedded system design of low power consumption, no fan noise, guarantee the safe and dependable performance, is the monitor market a ratio of good environmental protection and energy saving products. The instrument adopts the new type of the rising edge of blood pressure measurement method, which can automatically recognize adults, children, neonatal blood pressure measurement range, and can display real-time blood pressure wave, pressure time is short, the pressure light, make patients feel blood pressure measurement of the whole process of the comfortable, safe, fast and at the same time the whole operation process of adults, children, neonatal three models of automatic identification, fast switching greatly improving the medical workers work efficiency. It is your good choice!



(perlong medical - JP2000-09 super-thin multiparameter monitor)


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