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Linyi mass destruction of unqualified medical devices and drugs, cleaning YaoXie market
◇Added : 2012-11-07 13:45:43  ◇hits : 222

Perlong medical instrument network information: in order to usher in the 18 big convened, linyi carried out fake medical equipment destroyed activities, it is reported this destruction of products include clinical laboratory equipment, etc., in recent years in linyi since drug safety special regulation, daily patrol, the masses to report complaints is investigated in the process of the seized JiaLie drugs, unqualifiedmedical equipment and so on in the centralized destroyed.

Many leaders attended the destruction of medical apparatus and instruments activity, to the future medical equipment and medical management have more confidence. Since 2010, linyi organized and a special inspection, accept the masses to report complaints 23 on, investigation cases since December, check YaoXie business enterprise 12 families, medical institutions 1363, 313 file on, 313 cases of the case. JiaLie seized drugs, and not qualified medical medical equipment in 997 varieties and 1457 batch, value 282000 yuan, effective guarantee the county-wide people diet medication safety.

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