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How to gain a foothold in the medical device industry? Creativity is the key
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Perlong medical instrument network information: with the development of science and technology, the medical instrument industry has undergone earth-shaking changes, good market situation makes the global medical equipment manufacturers were springing up up, so how to in many medical equipment manufacturers an encirclement? Creative medical equipment is right choice, actually a lot of ideas are not new invention, the original medical instrument slightly improvement, it is possible to produce new USES; And many of the so-called "low technology" as long as used in the right place, also can produce bigger role in disease prevention and control. At present on market will have a lot of this kind of product, all have good sales. Stomach pacemaker in the early 1960 s, the western researchers have invented the cardiac pacemaker, used to correct serious arrhythmia and help patients heart returned to normal.

However, few people know is, cardiac pacemaker also can be used to treat mild, moderate gastric paralysis. Gastric paralysis patients stomach cannot proper motion emptying food, they often occur after eating abdominal distension, belching, nausea, and ultimately can cause malnutrition, weight loss, etc. According to the American medical media, only the United States has more than 100 patients with gastric paralysis, including children's accounts for a significant proportion. Current, on the market the lack of effective drug treatment of gastric paralysis. Not long ago, the Ohio state university, the national children's medical center of scientific research personnel of cardiac pacemaker slightly improvement, make its "Cinderella" as the gastric paralysis therapy apparatus. According to introducing, this kind of instrument issued electrical stimulation signal can stimulate stomach nerve, and then promote gastric peristalsis, make food in the stomach quickly exhaust to the small intestine, eliminate patients with gastric paralysis after eating produce gastrectasia wait for a symptom.

The doctor will need to this kind of therapeutic apparatus implanted subcutaneously patients, and in patients with gastric wall connected to two electrode. According to the report, so far, the United States has more than adult and children's gastric paralysis patients accepted gastric paralysis therapeutic apparatus implantation, and has obtained the certain clinical effect. Surgery with "machine snake" 20 years ago, the United States developed a battlefield use "machines snake". It can like snakes migration to the enemy house within the investigation, and wireless sending investigation results. The machine can also enter the snake after the earthquake damaged house look for any signs of life. America's two medical experts see the machine snake in the potential use of surgery - the United States every year to do more than 1 million sets of cardiac surgery and more than 10 million times of the endoscope and laryngoscope operation.

If you can develop a diameter was relatively small, can in the body cavity or within the tao migration, and found lesions and carry out the operation of machine snake, can solve a lot of health problems. According to the report, the United States has been completed with operation machine snake clinical test. According to the development personnel introduces, machine operation snake diameter just a few millimeters, using new type engineering plastic and medical staff YiJieJie visual need the assembled together to form different length. In the treatment, the doctor to the patient body open a tiny knife edge, let the operation snake drilling machine, and to make it in the wireless instruction arrived in target near lesions. Machine snake-heads department is equipped with miniature camera, the lesions situation take down and the data wireless feedback to the doctor on the computer. Operation machine snake in clinic with a wide range of USES, such as heart, nerve repair, repair vascular repair, blood vessels open, etc. Its biggest advantage is, use it to do surgery, patients with minimal incision, amount of bleeding are very few, and postoperative recover faster.

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