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Perlong Medical-----Professional Manufacturer of Medical Equipment
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As a professional manufacturer of medical devices, perlong medical was founded in 1993 in nanjing, the beautiful capital city of jiangsu province. In the past 18 years, she medicine has become a leading manufacturer in China's medical equipment. Products range from X-ray equipment to medical monitor. We almost can provide a complete set of equipment to the hospital and clinics.




After decades of development, it has become a professional perlong medical company to do research and development, production, sales, packaging and after-sales service.




As the research and development department, it has nearly one hundred things who committed to do research. We will develop new products each year serval. For example, x ray of research and development department has developed two new products this year. This PLX6500 and PLX7200 of high-end products. For PLX6500, 55 kw output power, it can meet the requirements of X-ray photos of the patient is very fat. And PLX7200, this can do 3 d image of surgery, so it is easy to find the position of fracture.




For the production department, it has nearly one hundred employees. They can be very busy production orders daily. ForX-ray equipment, the production time is about a week, so they must be part of the instrument and assembling them into a complete instrument. They will ensure that the instrument can on time delivery.




The sales department, we have 8 domestic sales department and 3 international sales. For domestic sales department, they sell our tool in China. Our equipment has considered one-third of the market in China because of their dedication. International business department, they have export our instruments to all over the world. Especially in Africa, South America, Asia, the Middle East. With all the salesman efforts, we have used the instrument perlong medicine in every direct world. This really achieve our goal "treasure your life and care about your health".




For packing department, they can provide excellent package tool. It can protect the instruments from the failure of the uncertain factors through the long term delivery.




To after-sales service department, they can provide professional after-sales service. If the instrument customers buy is some questions, our professional engineer will help you solve your problems in two days. They can go to overseas countries to help customers installation instrument and train them to make use of it.

And all of these departments dedication, I'm sure we perlong will become the leading manufacturers of medicine and medical equipment in China in the near future.


If you have any questions about our medical equipment , you can click on the page of the upper left online customer dialog box and we can solve your question.
Perlong Medical is always preparing for your favor.

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