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Perlong medicine is becoming more and more strong
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As we know, medicine is a medical equipment perlong leading manufacturer in China, enjot a famous in the world. This did not stop, and now the fast growth.


Perlong medical was founded in 1993, n nanjing, capital of east China's jiangsu province. It specializes in research and development, production and sale of all types of equipment, including medical equipment, clinical diagnosis reagent and rapid diagnosis products.


Perlong, has nearly 11 subsidiary company and the principles of treasure your life and care about your health "is the spirit of root development, innovation, pragmatic and integration". All the products have obtained perlong medical ISO 9000, the ISO 13485 quality management system certification, CE certification and TuV quality system authentication.


 Perlong medical now is to design a new product PLX7200, this can do 3 d imaging, this is very useful, especially in the field of hospital operation bone for some difficult problems. It also has been used in the hospital in China, and many foreign customers come to our factory to see this machine, they show that thermal interest this machine. And this machine also has a very low price comparison, Siemens and philips, you don't have to worry about quality, our engineers have tried to where the heart to design the machine and watch it for a long time. If you have any interest in the machine, please let me know, and I will give you the best directory and quotation.


 Now realize many also perlong CE certificate for more machine. First of all, we design a camera (500 ma) especially for overseas market, it has received CE certification, the more important thing is that we have several sold in China, and our customers with good evaluation. And other machines is now received CE certification, more x ray will get a certificate, and soon all of them, so we can go to more of the world market.


Third, our colleagues are becoming more and more, each a sales manager is a capacity in their market, and our colleagues have been training every month every week, product, and our competitors, we found that our own way to make us stronger, we will soon to do so.


Forthly, this year we have been many, many exhibition, such as the CMEF, caton fair, justice, materia medica, Asia medical, Hospitalar RSNA, AACC, the Arab health, ECR. And so on, the latest CMEF we have many old customer come, more new customers willing to join perong.


Next, is the information about the exhibition. The 67th China internationalmedical equipment fair (CMEF 2012) at the shenzhen convention &exhibition center - 20 years April 17, 2010. Exhibition universal coverage including medical imaging, in vitro diagnostic, electronic, optical, first aid, rehabilitation nursing and medical information technology outsourcing services, in the hundreds of thousands of products, direct and comprehensive service in medical equipment industry, the health care industry from source to terminal chain. The current medical fair theme is "innovation and technology wise link medical.


Finally, she really becomes more and more medical is strong in a short time, nothing can stop the step, we believe that it will she is getting better and better.

If you have any questions about our medical equipment , you can click on the page of the upper left online customer dialog box and we can solve your question.
Perlong Medical is always preparing for your favor.

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