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Medical equipment nets survey household medical devices in complaints increase, purchase need to be careful
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Recent years, on the one hand, with the medical device industry fast development, the home of the medical devices species growing; In addition, as people living standard rising, people pay more and more attention to health, so buy household and the number of medical devices will increase. However, through the medical equipment nets survey, about household medical equipment complaints increase gradually.

In 3 · 15 international consumers' rights, the activity at the site of the food and drug administration advisory seat, was surrounded with the consumer. Mr. Yin citizens with a mark for the treatment of made in tianjin hearing loss recovery instrument says to the reporter, because his wife is hard of hearing, in his friend introduced us to buy this product, but the wife after use appear giddy nausea symptoms: "I immediately checked the Internet, it patent no. No, check the company, they don't out this one, I will conclude that the products have a problem for certain. Then I was born with al large pharmacy, he had contact with me, saying, they are rented, appear what they don't counter is responsible for, so I today's rights."

The food and drug administration audit team staff, told reporters that they already will Mr Yoon complaints on record: "the next step in accordance with the procedures to tianjin, the administration's hair a circular, ask the other side to give us a true bogus products issued by the proof materials, false words according to the medical equipment management regulation" the rules of the punishment."

At the same time, he also warns customer, buying products, especially drug and medical equipment, be sure to see clear product name and applicable scope: "want to see it, but what a write on the back of it and wrote what is before and after, differences were, this is a gimmick. As recovery device, it should belong to medical equipment products, ordinary medical devices should be made according to the regulation of medical equipment products registration certificate, the product's packaging marked on a 'tianjin health and health care word', sure it is not medical devices, but it and as a medical equipment of publicity, so the products are quality suspect. As consumers, if you have on the product quality doubt it, the most direct, the simplest method can contact with production enterprise, if I couldn't get through or the telephone has been no answer, that you have to related departments consulting."


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