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The first batch of China to south Sudan medical equipment through the check
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China, as a big country, a peacekeeping mission to the global, including health, medical equipment, and so on. Recently China's first south Sudan peacekeeping medical team to arrive overviewed after two months, the United Nations ambassador to south Sudan mission in kosovo (hereinafter referred to as the league south Sue group) equipment inspectors in the March 13, at 9 a.m. local time to peacekeeping medical teams for overall inspection equipment.

United south Sue group check respectively on the Chinese peacekeepers medical team level 2 hospital medical equipment, weapons and equipment, generators, vehicles, water treatment equipment, material container on the overall inspection, the overall inspection equipment is very satisfied with the result.

The medical team in first equipment check after receiving notice from team leadership to players highly, officers and men in time to master the league organization south Sue group and tile the base of the working procedures, standards and requirements for all equipment instrument a thorough overhaul, especially for vehicles, medical equipment for a comprehensive maintenance, sort and container material, improve the equipment material use, the loading and unloading on statistics, the standard of food storage and management of war readiness, the camps of environmental health, the overall cleaning, to ensure that the overall inspection mission accomplished. United south Sue group of high standard medical team to complete this month-then the medical treatment, patients, the camp to defense construction, equipment maintenance task, given the high appraisal.


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