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What is the harmful to child development test lack of zinc by blood analyzer?
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   Through the blood analyzer research tests show: zinc is human body six enzymes, 200 kinds of metal enzyme composition or coenzyme, to the whole body metabolic up extensive role. Zinc containing mainly in meats and grain. Zinc when, with anorexia, slow growth, different food addiction and dermatitis for outstanding performance, occurs more often in < 6 year old children.

    Using the blood analyzer can be detected trace elements of zinc content in the body, zinc in the human body is the indispensable trace elements, the children to the growth of the zinc influence is especially important. So we often can see on television said children need to be added to zinc. Does your child lack of trace elements zinc, can use to the hospital blood analyzer detection.

   The clinical performances of lack of zinc by blood analyzer test ,as follows:
   1. Nutritional dwarf. Zinc deficiency can lead to taste decline, the result is necessarily the amount of food intake to reduce the utilization ratio of food and reduced, at the same time, zinc and lack of will make protein and amino acid decomposition strengthen utilization rate drop, the slow growth, the body becomes short and be a dwarf.

    2. Secondary sex characteristics dysplasia. After the children into adolescence, such as the girl to the age of 10, the boy grow up to 12 years old, can appear different sexes characteristics, such as physical size, pelvic size, hair distribution, high and low and subcutaneous fat tone how much difference, etc, and male prominent laryngeal tuberculosis, female deelopment of breast, collectively referred to as secondary sex characteristics. Secondary sex characteristics is in the testes and ovarian produces hormones appear under the function, and by the pituitary hormone secretion and the production of gonadotropins influence. Zinc so will cause secondary sex characteristics dysplasia, is due to the pituitary function is low zinc deficiency, blood gonadotropins in the sake of down the content.

    3. Congenital dementia. Zinc deficiency is congenital dementia can not be ignored in one of the reasons why, because lack zinc will affect protein synthesis, which affects the normal cell division, so late in her pregnancy and birth after 1 ~ 2 years period, due to the fetus, infant brain cell division at times, zinc can make brain cells reduce total, was born continued to suppress brain cells will increase zinc deficiency, leading to congenital dementia.

     In addition zinc deficiency can cause body dermatitis, occurs in oral, anal and knee around, legs, toe, elbow and other parts, often with a symmetry distribution. And the vision children eat rat, against the dark the ability to adjust the decline with all lack of zinc. The blood analyzer can detecte of zinc content in the body.


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