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Senior medical equipment experts teach you how to choose the correct image equipment
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    With the continuous development of China's medical career, many hospitals is also in constant introduce different medical devices, often points such as X-ray and daily medical equipment, and in common in X-ray medical equipment for some image of equipment. But, with the implementation of the new medical, key has constantly to rural tilt, so a lot of basic-level hospital medical equipment in the choice often will produce some pathetic. Experts engaged in medical device industry summarizes some experience for many years, to choose the right image for basic-level hospital equipment.

    1:After all, now a lot of basic-level hospital in the past or the traditional X-ray irradiation after all this, the equipment is simple, the cost is low, especially for the less advanced basic-level hospital can still continue to put into use. Of course country now advocate hospital digital and information, also can try to choose DR, which, of course, is the economic conditions for the good town hospital, and there are a certain person, can in a short time and can take cost about many section.

    2: See first surrounding towns or county hospital use which kinds of models, and not easy to damage, long time, big workload is not easy to a problem. Want to know now machine maintenance is the biggest trouble, especially some individual small manufacturer sold the equipment are no matter what, one thousand set for the bad service can't keep up with that is the "pit dad" things. So first to understand how other people use, don't light on says even go to see the movie, especially the private hospitals and community individual contract type of the hospital, because you "doesn't hurt," after all public hospital and funding.

     3: Only choose right don't choose expensive: at present domestic imports products too much, the X-ray machine, CR, DR, brand too much, too many types and price, and so on are not the same, of course, if some of the background of the government agency means such as enterprise intervention is another matter.

     4: Fast attack: once chosen on the fast bought, buy early gains early, early let people enjoy the good service, I think the best video equipment is small dose radiation and imaging clear, these two points is image choose the first standard equipment. On one hand, the equipment can not only reduce less to the patient's radiation, at the same time could reduce to the doctor's long-term radiation. On the other hand, the image is clear help physicians judgment of the illness.

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