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High frequency neonatal ventilator used in hospitals
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Along with steadily enhance the level of science and technology, human life is extended further, also including the neonatal survival rate, high frequency of neonatal ventilator is played. Many people worried that the use of high frequency neonatal ventilator will influence the lungs for babies in the future, in fact, high frequency of neonatal ventilator is just a help baby respiratory medical apparatus and instruments, as long as the rational use of health and without any influence for the future. At present there are a lot of domestic specializing in the production of high-frequency neonatal ventilator medical equipment manufacturers, technology already quite mature in this field in our country.


At present most of the newborn using continuous positive pressure breathing machine (CPAP), CPAP high-frequency neonatal respiratory function provides the following functions:

(plant products - NLF - 200 type a CPAP system for continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)


1, continuous positive airway pressure, can prevent the breath at the end of the alveolar walls, be helpful for gas exchange, improve ventilation and ventilation function. 2, manual respiratory function, may at any time conversion function, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). 3, air oxygen mixed: can effectively avoid the inhalation of high concentrations of oxygen for a long time of oxygen toxicity. 4, the effects of oxygen inhalation therapy: can significantly improve for conventional oxygen can alleviate hypoxemia. 5, special heating pipe system: suction gas temperature and humidity of the maximum close to the pediatric respiratory physiology requirements, at the same time can guarantee the stability of the suction gas temperature and humidity. High quality, efficient, safe, noninvasive is its important characteristic.


CPAP high-frequency neonatal respiratory function cure respiratory critical illness due to a variety of causes, such as severe pneumonia, pulmonary hemorrhage, suffocation, ischemia anoxic encephalopathy and neonatal respiratory distress syndrome caused by hypoxemia and respiratory failure, especially now that preterm low birth weight has increased dramatically, cause for lung development not mature, lung surface active substances caused by a lack of preterm hyaline membrane disease of the lung (NRDS) is becoming more and more common, seriously threatening the health of children, if can't get timely treatment, the light will leave all kinds of complications such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, etc., heavy life-threatening cause death.


The introduction of the equipment filled in the pediatric respiratory failure and premature NRDS (premature) pulmonary hyaline membrane disease treatment gap, make pediatrics is a regional leader in the technology, so as to make pediatrics medical technology level and promote to realize the new span.


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