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Model BTX-9800 B Mammography System

[Product name:]Model BTX-9800 B Mammography System

[Manufacturer:]PERLONG MEDICAL

[Product Brand:]PERLONG

[Product Model:]BTX-9800 B

BTX-9800 series Mammography System


The features of mammography machine:


The machine is integrating designed,with beautiful appearance,manual operation,convenient operation and use;
Use the most popular keyboard,Optical mouse operation;
large screen high resolution colorful display,low radiation,clear and bright image.

1 High-definition and colorful display
2 Multiple function and easy operation
3 Radiationless,no-invasive,long life-time
4 Mouse action,convenient operation


1 Detect galactocele accurately;
2 Detect intraductal papilloma;
3 Detect mammary duct ectasia and acute mastitis:
4 Detect proliferation of mammary gland and breast cancer.


 Comfortable Compression

When some degree of pressure is required for radiography, it allows you to presser the appropriate pressure(up to a maximum of 20kg)and is equipped with MICOM Control’s Soft-touch system which is designed to minimize the discomfort of the examine with in the pressure range.

Tissue Compression: Manual and Motorized (Max 20kg)
Compression Force and Thickness Data Display
Micro Control’s Compression
Automatic Release


Intelligent Automatic Exposure Control(AEC)

With the Automatic Exposure Control system, it is possible to produce images with reliable intensity suitable for and film, screen, or method of radiography.

Furthermore, it greatly enhances the convenience of radiography by embedding the Full-AEC function which is capable of utilizing the Auto kV
Type:Solid-State Detector or PMT Detector
Microprocessor Control
AEC Mode:Full AEC(Auto kV)
Semi AEC (kV Select)
Manual (kV,mAs Select)