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PLX101A High Frequency Mobile X-ray Equipment

[Product name:]PLX101A High Frequency Mobile X-ray Equipment

[Manufacturer:]PERLONG MEDICAL


[Product Model:]PLX101A

High Frequency Mobile X-ray Equipment



The equipment is a combined high frequency X-ray Equipment that can be conveniently moved to wards, ICU, operating rooms and etc for taking film.




1. With high frequency inverter to emit high quality X-ray and low dose on  skin, and ensure excellent definition and contrast of pictures.
2. With techniques of KV analog closed loop control, mAs digital closed loop control and micro-processing real-time control to ensure precision and repeatability of the dose.
3. With kV, mAs two button adjustment, LCD display, multifunction of safety guard.
4. With 50 preset exposure programs, and can be modified and stored by the user for convenient operation.
5. With a high-quality knockdown X-ray generator to reduce irradiation, which is much safer to environment and operator.
6. With a symmetrical beam applicator to adjust the X-ray field and a collimator lamp to locate the filed to ensure accurate radiograph.