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PLXF152 Bed for Mobile X-ray Camera

[Product name:]PLXF152 Bed for Mobile X-ray Camera

[Manufacturer:]PERLONG MEDICAL

[Product Brand:]PERLONG

[Product Model:]PLXF152

Bed for Mobile X-ray Camera



  The unit is a device for the hospital’s consultation, treatment and surgical use. It applies to X-ray inspection.



1.The surface of the bed is made of medical fiberboard.

2.The bed can rotate in 360°flexibly and the foot switch brakes quickly.

3.The bed is low so it can satisfy the need of seriously-ill patient for special check.

4.The linear movement range of grid box is large and the bed has hand switch.

5.The longitudinal center of bed is in accord with grid box center, which ensures the symmetry of photography and filming.