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PUS-2018G Biochemistry Analyzer

[Product name:]PUS-2018G Biochemistry Analyzer

[Manufacturer:]PERLONG MEDICAL


[Product Model:]PUS-2018G

Biochemistry Analyzer,Windows operating interface



1.The instrument can do detection, program and enquiry as well as drawing quality control curve.

2.The instrument can show and print calibrating curve, Kinetic reaction curve, and print quality control curve.

3.The instrument has the function of monocrotic and dual wavelength detection;

4.The instrument can detect by the means of absorbance, kinetics, terminal, two-point, standard curve, blank comparing pipe and factor. It can print single report in real time, and also can print general report.

5.The instrument will auto-check first after it is switched on and it also can communicate.

6.The instrument has half press dormancy function.