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PUS-2018 Biochemistry Analyzer(with External Pinter)

[Product name:]PUS-2018 Biochemistry Analyzer(with External Pinter)

[Manufacturer:]PERLONG MEDICAL


[Product Model:]PUS-2018

Biochemistry Analyzer(with External Pinter)



The instrument is a high performance photometer and can be used in the clinic of hospitals,epidemic prevention stations and health protection stations for biochemical test.




1.      The instrument has a 7-wavelength static photometric group. It can select  working wavelength by itself;

2.The instrument can keep 100 programs in its memory. You can program parameters either beforehand or at current time based on your needs;

3.The instrument can detect by the means of absorbency, kinetics, terminal, two-point, standard curve, blank comparing pipe and factor;

4.The instrument can print detection report that makes it easy to analyses and persevere;

5.The instruments will auto-check first after it is switched on.