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JP2011-01 Integrated personal health monitor

[Product name:]JP2011-01 Integrated personal health monitor

[Manufacturer:]PERLONG MEDICAL


[Product Model:]JP2011-01

Things smart medicine,the small of the multi-parameter monitors and low power wirless communication set about the teminal. Ultra-mini monitor integrating ECG,Respiration,Blood Pressure,SpO2 and Pulse Rate observiation.




Integrated personal health monitor






                                                              The Integrated personal health monitor : beautiful,easy to use ,convenient



Things smart medicine,the small of the multi-parameter monitors and low power wirless communication set about the teminal.


Ultra-mini monitor integrating ECG,Respiration,Blood Pressure,SpO2 and Pulse Rate observiation.



Human-speech alarming system,facilitating the convergence between human-machine interactions

Auto-storing daily monitoring results and abnormal ECG waveform,reviewable and printable for medical diagnosis.


Li-ion battery integrated,sustainable for 8 hours continuous monitoring.



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